Baby potrait..

gmbar ni masa sebelum pegi jogja… sajer g bawak jale anok di taman Tgku Anis… wak jale anok kat tmpat permainan… sukonya leh gi main…baru setahun…nok main doh…hehehe…


5 Respons to “Baby potrait..”

  1. Hisham Says:

    Elok jugak klu kita buat satu sesi photoshoot untuk budak2 ni. . . Bila nak buat? Set molek Insya Allah kawe join….

  2. ezaiedinRIN Says:

    comel adik ni. nice shot bro.

  3. Hisham Says:

    ayie, ambo ada sket nota tapi x dan nk translate…. Try lah kot2 leh guna….

    1. Step 1
    Go outside—Most kids do much better if they are outside as opposed to an indoor “staged” studio setting. They have a lot more room to move around instead of being cooped up inside in front of a backdrop. Also, you can’t beat using mother nature as a backdrop! Simply follow the kids around with your camera and click away.

    2. Step 2
    Play with them—Act as if you have met them for a play date: tickle them, chase them, etc. This will warm them up to you if they are a little shy at first. It will then bring out their personality so you can capture them the way they really are.

    3. Step 3
    Get their attention—Come up with some words or phrases that kids find funny or that makes them stop and look at you, such as “Oh my goodness, did you see that butterfly on my head?”, or look at that ladybug on my nose. You’ll get a different expression depending on the kid and which phrase you use.

    4. Step 4
    Give them something to do—Bring along bubbles, balls, Frisbees, etc. and other outdoor toys to give your subject something to do as you photograph them. They’ll forget you’re even there and just be themselves. These will make for really natural and fun action shots!

  4. sham | LensaKhaleefa Says:

    hehehe..dapat jugok kawe komen dlm blog abe mat kito ni.hehehe.. nice try ayie.. gambar no 1 kawe paling suko skali sbb baby demo tgh senggih,bukan mudah nak ambik gambar baby senggih ni,btul x abe ayie?

  5. atyya Says:

    tomeinye la anak demo..hehehhe..
    padan la sbb mama n papa die pn dr baka comey2 ehhehe.
    pinjam anak demo buat photoshoot bules?heeeheee..

    btw, ambo tgk demo ng wife demo super romantic la..supo org bwh kawin..itu yg kita mauuu! heheheh..

    kim salam wife des 😛

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